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Official Scores For 1/6/2022

Below are official user scores for the day. If a score is still listed as 0, it's likely because one or more of the score's components is missing. Once the missing component is in, the score will be posted.

NameLocationSnowWindHDDDays OutRaw ScoreTotal Score
@ChrisHamptonWXBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
33 and RainBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44403340.60
Dairy Queen BlizzardBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44401262.00
Dewey PointBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44401262.00
FLX WeatherBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
James Miller A-TeamBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44403340.60
LakeEffectJMBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44401262.00
Landon_WxBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
LukeSwBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44403340.60
Ohio Weather DailyBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44401262.00
phellainiBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44401262.00
philpaBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
SnarfBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44401262.00
SneauxmanBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
snowy_goatBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44401262.00
wildblueBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
WintryMixBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
WumboVirusBuffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"44402314.40
weltywxSpokane, WA (GEG)5.3"33332142.80
BoldColdBlizzardMissoula, MT (MSO)5.3"25505192.00
Double D TrofsMissoula, MT (MSO)5.3"25502153.60
JRN785Missoula, MT (MSO)5.3"25501128.00
OrionVOL1Missoula, MT (MSO)5.3"25503166.40
The GFSMissoula, MT (MSO)5.3"25501128.00
The NAMMissoula, MT (MSO)5.3"25501128.00
White WinterMissoula, MT (MSO)5.3"25502153.60
Central_Oh_WxBeckley, WV (BKW)6.7"27371131.00
Coach WxMarquette, MI (MQT)8.8"26532200.40
WxDrakeUMarquette, MI (MQT)8.8"26532200.40
Bob515Jackson, KY (JKL)6.9"24371130.00
30.4 Degrees...NorthGlasgow, MT (GGW)0.8"29823154.70
CyclonicvortexGlasgow, MT (GGW)0.8"29823154.70
Freezin SeasonKalispell, MT (GPI)4.4"17543149.50
MakeWinterGreatAgainKalispell, MT (GPI)4.4"17543149.50
WanderingYankeeInternational Falls, MN (INL)0.0"1482196.00

All Location Scores

Below are all location scores for the day.

Buffalo, NY (BUF)17.8"4440262
Marquette, MI (MQT)8.8"2653167
Beckley, WV (BKW)6.7"2737131
Jackson, KY (JKL)6.9"2437130
Missoula, MT (MSO)5.3"2550128
Spokane, WA (GEG)5.3"3333119
Glasgow, MT (GGW)0.8"2982119
Kalispell, MT (GPI)4.4"1754115
International Falls, MN (INL)0.0"148296