Snow is the Go

Rookie Season: 2018-2019 Regular Season
Experience: Meteorology Student

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Current Season Picks

Season Average: 126.61
DateLocationSnowHDDWindDays OutRaw ScoreTotal ScoreVerify
1/20/2019Bangor, ME (BGR)7.9"58302167200.40
1/19/2019Mansfield, OH (MFD)12.6"41371204204.00
1/18/2019Sioux Falls, SD (FSD)4.6"53321131131.00
1/13/2019Washington, DC (IAD)7.7"36181131131.00
1/12/2019St. Louis, MO (STL)3.1"332118585.00
1/11/2019Columbia, MO (COU)10.4"32191155155.00
1/9/2019Caribou, ME (CAR)8.0"36282144172.80
1/8/2019Caribou, ME (CAR)2.7"492019696.00
1/7/2019Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)12.3"41391203203.00
1/3/2019Wichita Falls, TX (SPS)2.5"322618383.00
12/31/2018Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)4.3"48231114114.00
12/27/2018Duluth, MN (DLH)12.2"34301186186.00
12/26/2018Goodland, KS (GLD)0.0"315018181.00
12/24/2018Binghamton, NY (BGM)1.0"343117575.00
12/23/2018Lewiston, ID (LWS)0.0"243616060.00
12/19/2018Missoula, MT (MSO)0.0"292415353.00
12/9/2018Greensboro, NC (GSO)12.0"33371190190.00
12/8/2018Lubbock, TX (LBB)10.0"39191158158.00
12/7/2018Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)0.2"331515050.00
12/2/2018Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)4.6"31271104104.00

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