The Allegheny Blade

Name: Dave Samuhel
Rookie Season: 2016-2017 Season
Location: State College, PA
Experience: Professional Meteorologist
Occupation: Meteorologist

Awards and Achievements

  • League Champion -- 2018-2019 Regular Season
  • 2nd Place Finish -- 2017-2018 Season
  • League Champion -- 2016-2017 Season
  • Professional Meteorologist Champion -- 2016-2017 Season

Current Season Picks

Season Average: 160.00
DateLocationSnowHDDWindDays OutRaw ScoreTotal ScoreVerify
2/18/2020Caribou, ME (CAR)------4----
2/17/2020Wausau, WI (AUW)------2----
2/14/2020Rochester, NY (ROC)0.5"552238282.00
2/13/2020Rochester, NY (ROC)2.5"402438989.00
2/12/2020Grand Forks, ND (GFK)0.2"63612126151.20
2/11/2020Amarillo, TX (AMA)1.8"342227474.00
2/9/2020Rochester, MN (RST)9.4"52242170204.00
2/8/2020Havre, MT (HVR)2.8"432829999.00
2/7/2020Caribou, ME (CAR)12.8"48393215279.50
2/6/2020Bozeman, MT (BZN)7.1"35163122158.60
2/5/2020Wichita Falls, TX (SPS)3.3"372729797.00
2/4/2020Colorado Springs, CO (COS)0.2"562328181.00
2/3/2020Casper, WY (CPR)15.2"48454245343.00
2/2/2020Bozeman, MT (BZN)4.4"30303104135.20
1/19/2020Erie, PA (ERI)10.6"37423185240.50
1/18/2020Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)5.0"47334130182.00
1/17/2020St. Cloud, MN (STC)6.0"60293149193.70
1/16/2020Bangor, ME (BGR)3.2"39333104135.20
1/12/2020Caribou, ME (CAR)12.8"48255201301.50
1/11/2020Oshkosh, WI (OSH)0.0"414028181.00
1/8/2020Caribou, ME (CAR)0.9"491857676.00
12/31/2019Caribou, ME (CAR)5.8"39224119166.60
12/29/2019Aberdeen, SD (ABR)3.7"41523130169.00
12/24/2019Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)7.3"33263132171.60
12/18/2019Syracuse, NY (SYR)3.1"43395113169.50

Historical Picks

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