Dewey Point

Name: Andrew
Rookie Season: 2012-2013 Season
Location: Rochester, NY
Experience: Professional Meteorologist
Occupation: Software Developer
Weather, Astronomy, Buffalo Sabres, Iced Tea, Mowing the Lawn
-2008 SUNY Oswego, BS Meteorology.
-Captain of the only intramural dodgeball team in NCAA history to lose back to back to back championships series extending 3 semesters, including two 3-1 blown series leads.

Awards and Achievements

  • Top 10 Finish -- 2018-2019 Regular Season
  • Top 10 Finish -- 2017-2018 Season
  • 3rd Place Finish -- 2016-2017 Season
  • Top 10 Finish -- 2015-2016 Season
  • Top 10 Finish -- 2014-2015 Season
  • Top 10 Finish -- 2013-2014 Season
  • Top 10 Finish -- 2012-2013 Season

Current Season Picks

Season Average: 191.05
DateLocationSnowHDDWindDays OutRaw ScoreTotal ScoreVerify
3/13/2019Rapid City, SD (RAP)4.5"33641142142.00
3/10/2019Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)5.2"34401126126.00
3/9/2019Fargo, ND (FAR)9.0"39351164164.00
3/8/2019Billings, MT (BIL)0.1"391615656.00
3/4/2019Boston, MA (BOS)9.9"32311162162.00
3/3/2019Concordia, KS (CNK)4.8"58371143143.00
3/2/2019Cheyenne, WY (CYS)2.6"56301112112.00
2/24/2019Marquette, MI (MQT)16.0"54483262340.60
2/23/2019Rochester, MN (RST)10.1"35361172172.00
2/22/2019Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)3.4"43264103144.20
2/21/2019Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)35.9"44313434564.20
2/18/2019Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)9.7"49391185185.00
2/13/2019Caribou, ME (CAR)12.9"55353219284.70
2/12/2019Green Bay, WI (GRB)8.8"40322160192.00
2/7/2019Marquette, MI (MQT)8.4"51173152197.60
2/5/2019Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)7.9"34441157157.00
2/3/2019Glasgow, MT (GGW)9.5"67242186223.20
1/31/2019Buffalo, NY (BUF)1.0"62401112112.00
1/30/2019Buffalo, NY (BUF)13.6"61452242290.40
1/29/2019Buffalo, NY (BUF)6.4"43401147147.00
1/28/2019Muskegon, MI (MKG)5.1"54311136136.00
1/27/2019Fargo, ND (FAR)1.7"73411131131.00
1/23/2019Caribou, ME (CAR)2.5"55202100120.00
1/20/2019Rochester, NY (ROC)8.2"55314168235.20
1/19/2019Erie, PA (ERI)6.7"40383145188.50
1/18/2019Waterloo, IA (ALO)3.6"49281113113.00
1/13/2019Washington, DC (IAD)7.7"36181131131.00
1/12/2019Springfield, IL (SPI)8.4"35272146175.20
1/10/2019Syracuse, NY (SYR)5.3"44341131131.00
1/9/2019Caribou, ME (CAR)8.0"36282144172.80
1/7/2019Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)12.3"41392203243.60
1/1/2019Caribou, ME (CAR)8.9"46442179214.80
12/31/2018Alpena, MI (APN)7.0"39221131131.00
12/27/2018International Falls, MN (INL)6.0"43311134134.00
12/26/2018Aberdeen, SD (ABR)5.2"44231119119.00
12/17/2018Caribou, ME (CAR)7.2"41181131131.00
12/9/2018Danville, VA (DAN)15.2"33302215258.00
12/1/2018Valentine, NE (VTN)6.3"31381132132.00

Historical Picks

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