What You Need to Know For March Mammatus

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 02/19/2019

The first ever March Mammatus tournament is only 10 days away from starting. Since it's new, here is everything you need to know to increase your chances of winning it.

First and foremost, since this is still very much an experiment, the official Fantasy Blizzard winner this season will be whoever wins the regular season as traditionally the season has ended at the end of February. Last season, we moved the ending day to March 15th to see how that worked. The winner of the tournament will be awarded a special trophy that will appear on their profile page, similar to the other trophy and awards that you may have seen. If this tournament isn't all that it cracks up to be, we can go back to the way things were. Be on the lookout for a league wide vote in April over this and other possible changes to game for next season.

As advertised, the last day you can use your mulligan, if you haven't already used it, is Monday the 25th. The reason for this is so we can finalize the tournament seeding first thing on the morning of March 1st. The top 32 players will qualify and be seeded for the tournament. Since the tournament begins on March 1st, picks for then will need to be made on February 28th, before the regular season is even over. This is where things might get a little confusing and hairy. Anyone will be able to make picks during the tournament, even if you didn't qualify, were a #1 seed eliminated in the first round, etc. So if you think you'll be in the top 32, make sure you're prepared to put in a pick for the first round beginning on March 1st. Next week, we'll enable dates in March to be picked for those who want to start queuing up picks. Please note, the ability to lock-in a pick will be disabled during March Mammatus.

Each round will last 5 days where at least 3 picks must be made. The player with the highest average at the end of the round will move on. If one player does not put 3 picks in, that player will be eliminated by forfeit. If both players failed to reach 3, then the player with the higher seed will move on.

There will be no days off between rounds so picks for the next round might need to be made before the current round is finalized, similar to picks needing to possibly be made before the tournament is officially underway.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please tweet us on Twitter or use the Contact Page to get in touch with us. Beyond that, lets all hope spring waits until towards the end of March so we have some active wintry weather for the tournament. Good luck to all and a have fun!