Proposed Rule Change Results For Next Season

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 05/07/2018

During the month of April, all current players had the chance to review and vote on 5 main changes to the game. We have reviewed the submissions and are ready to announce the results!

Season Starting Date / Minimum Pick Requirement

The proposal was when to begin the Fantasy Blizzard season. Currently, the season gets underway on December 1st. Two additional starting dates were thrown into the mix, November 1st and November 15th.

The voting was mainly split between keeping the begin date as December 1st or changing it to November 15th. Due to there not being overwhelming support on either date, we will keep the starting date as December 1st

There was another sub-proposal for the minimum pick requirement. Regardless of the season start date, more than 80% of the responses wanted to keep the minimum pick requirement at 30.

Result: Tabled


An idea was submitted to whether or not to allow a player to have one mulligan during the season. This mulligan would have to be used within a short window of time after a score was posted and not simply throwing away your lowest pick at the end of the season.

Respondents strongly favored this idea with more than 80% of responses approving of this idea.

Result: Passed

Snow Predictions

This change called for adding another input to a pick in addition to location and date for additional points. This would add a "Snow Total" input where a player would enter in how much snow would fall at that location. Depending on your percent of error based on what was observed, points would be awarded to your score.

There was a Part II to this proposal that asked how points should be awarded. There were two options, static points or weighted points, both based on what percent range the percentage of error fell into. Weighted scores would take the observed snow total into consideration giving more points to higher snow totals for two predictions that fell into the same POE range, but a wide difference in observed snow.

Responses largely favored this idea with more than 70% of responses approving the measure. As for which points should be awarded, it was an exact split between static and weighted. A final decision will soon be made on which point methodology will be used.

Result: Passed

Raise Lock-in Bonus Weights

This was the most complicated proposal on the ballot. The idea on paper was simple, whether or not to raise the weights higher than what they currently are today. It was Part II of this proposal where things became hairy. There's concern over players exploiting this feature keeping them in competition when all they do is lock-in 5 or more days in advanced in hopes to hit in big in popular locations than players who play the game the way it was intended. Part II of this proposal on which "safeguard" should be put into place to prevent against this style of play.

This was another proposal that had strong support with over 70% of responses favoring the idea of raising the weights. For the safeguard, it was a mixed bag with none of the 5 options receiving a majority. Options 1 and 2 were the most popular so a final decision will be made between those two. The two options were...

Option 1: Require a minimum snow amount in order to receive bonus points... Say the minimum was 1". The location must receive 1" of snow in order to be rewarded with bonus points.

Option 2: Require a minimum raw score total in order to receive bonus points... Say the minimum was 100 points. The location must receive a raw score of 100 points in order to be rewarded with bonus points.

Result: Passed

Playoffs / March Mammatus

The final item up for consideration was whether or not to introduce a postseason to the game in a March Madness (we'll call it March Mammatus to avoid legal issues) type style where the top 32 players would be seeded and placed into 4 division of 8 players. Each round would last either 3, 5, or 7 days. The regular season would end on February 28/29th with playoffs immediately beginning on March 1st. Part II of this dealt with what format of match-ups should be used; Best of Series or Highest Average.

Support was again strong with over 80% liking the idea. As for format, support for a best of series was one response higher than highest average. This is another one where a final decision will come shortly.

Result: Passed

As noted several times on the proposal ballot, the proposals touched on the general idea of each change and not specific details. Specific details will now be hammered out in the next few weeks. Once complete, we'll release them and will allow a brief period of time for feedback from players before development and implementation begins on the changes. Stay tuned!