Final Changes For the 2018-2019 Fantasy Blizzard Season

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 05/15/2018(2 days ago)

At the beginning of April, 5 general proposed changes for next season were put up for a league wide vote. All but 1 (changing the starting date) were passed with a majority. Specific details for these were not ironed out, until now. Below are the detailed changes that will go into effect for next season assuming there isn't a revolt or a strike by the Fantasy Blizzard Players Association (FBPA).


Players will have the ability to mulligan a pick removing it from their pick count and average.

  1. Each player will only have one (1) mulligan for the entire season.
  2. The mulligan will completely erase the pick from their score and pick count. For those who use their mulligan, you'll need to have made a total of 31 picks during the season to reach the minimum pick requirement, but only 30 will reflect in the standings.
  3. The mulligan must be invoked by the user and will not be automatically applied at the end of the season removing the lowest scoring pick.
  4. To mulligan a pick, it must be used by the end of the next day of the score being posted.
    1. For example, if the pick was for 12/10, the score will* be posted on 12/11. The user will have until 11:59:59pm ET on 12/12 to decide if the mulligan will be used on that pick.
    2. *In the event there is a significant delay in a score being posted, as it occasionally happens due to a component of the score missing, then the time window will be pushed out. An announcement will be made in these special cases.
  5. To prevent a delay in the standings being finalized for March Mammatus, picks made for any of the last 3 days of the regular season will not be eligible for mulligans.
    1. For non leap year years, February 25rd will be the last day eligible for the mulligan to be used.
    2. For leap year years, February 26th will be the last day eligible for the mulligan to be used
  6. Mulligans do not rollover to the next season
  7. Mulligans cannot be traded, sold, transferred, etc.

Raise Lock-in Bonus Weights

Bonus weights will be bumped up a bit for next season. As mentioned before, there's concern over players exploiting this feature so an increase in weights will be accompanied by a "safeguard" to not reward players who are chronically locking-in days in advanced hoping to hit it big in popular locations. We are pro hail marries and encourage them when extensive thought and consideration go into them, but going deep and missing will no longer get bonus points added onto a score. Below are the current weight tiers

  • 1 day: 0.00
  • 2 day: 0.10
  • 3 day: 0.15
  • 4 day: 0.20
  • 5+ day: 0.25

The idea of expanding the days-out to day 6 and 7 was on the ballot, but the decision to forgo that with this round of changes was made. If all goes well next season with these tiers, we can re-entertain days 6 and 7. Below are the weight tiers that will go into effect for the 2018-2019 season. The decision was to double the current weights.

  • 1 day: 0.0
  • 2 day: 0.20
  • 3 day: 0.30
  • 4 day: 0.40
  • 5+ day: 0.50

For illustration purposes, consider the following example. A user locked-in Cleveland 3 days out. The line score ended up being: 4.0", 30 HDD, and 30mph for a raw score of 100 points... (4.0 * 10) + 30 + 30.

Using the current tiers, the score would have been 115 points... 100 + (100 * 0.15) = 115

Using the new tiers, the score would be 130 points... 100 + (100 * 0.3) = 130

As for the safeguard that will be put into place, the total raw score must be greater or equal to 100 points to be eligible for bonus points. Any scores < 100 will only be given the raw score.

March Mammatus

Fantasy Blizzard will have its own March Madness style tournament at the conclusion of the regular season. We'll call it March Mammatus to avoid any lawsuits coming our way. If the name is too corny, please send us any alternative names you think would be good. Details as follow.

  1. There will be two winners. A regular season champion, as there is today, and a March Mammatus champion.
  2. March Mammatus will begin on March 1st, with March 1st being the first day picks will be submitted for.
  3. The top 32 players who reached the minimum thirty requirement will be seeded from 1-32 into four divisions of eight.
    1. If there's a large increase in players next season and a 64 player field could be established, we will expand the tournament to 64 players. A decision on that would come later next season.
    2. In the event, 32 players do not reach the minimum requirement, we'll either fill the remaining seeds with players ranked by total picks descending, then by average descending (the way the basement of standings is ordered today) or round one buys will be given. It really depends on how many empty seeds there are.
    3. If a pick made in the last few days of the season still doesn't have its score posted by March 1st and that pick could significantly change a player's seeding ranking (say someone who's ranked 33rd overall and it's likely that missing score would move them into 32nd) an executive decision from the comminisoner's office will be made on how to proceed at that time.
    4. If there are any players tied with exactly the same average at the end of the season, the player with more picks will be seeded higher. In the case where the average and pick count are the same, then a coin toss will take place to determine seeding.
  4. Each round will last 5 days
  5. Each round will require players to submit at least 3 picks.
    1. Players who fail to submit 3 picks will automatically forfeit the match-up. If neither player put 3 in, then the player with the highest average will advance. If there's a tie, tie breaking procedures outlined in 3.4 will apply.
    2. No mulligans
    3. Lock-ins will be disabled
  6. A field of 32 players will require 5 rounds to complete, beginning on March 1st.
    1. Round One: 3/1 to 3/5
    2. Synoptic Sixteen: 3/6 to 3/10
    3. Adiabatic Eight: 3/11 to 3/15
    4. Frontogenetical Four: 3/16 to 3/20
    5. Thermodynamic Two: 3/21 to 3/25
  7. Match-ups will be decided by the player with the highest average at the end of day 5.
    1. In the event of a tie, the player with the higher seed will be declared winner, unless each player had the same average at the end of the season.
    2. If each player had the same final average at the end of the season, the player with the most picks will advance.
    3. If the planets happened to be aligned and each player had exactly the same average and pick count, the match-up will be decided by a coin toss streamed live online.
  8. Since tournament seeding will not be known until the morning of 3/1 and the first day of the tournament is on 3/1, players who think they will have a ticket punched to March Mammatus will need to submit picks for 3/1 on 2/28. The same scenario will occur at the end of each round. Players will need to submit picks for the first day of the next round before the round has been formally decided.
  9. Players who are not in the tournament or have been knocked out, will still have the ability to make picks for fun.

Snow Predictions

After plenty of consideration and thought, it was decided to table this idea due to complexity in the scoring. Keeping the game simple and easy to understand to play is top priority. This can be revisited for the 2019-2020 season if there's continued interest in the idea.


For full disclosure, the league commissioner participates in Fantasy Blizzard each season. Last year, he went by the name "Hugh Midity". Since he has full control over the game, including the ability to change picks, he is required to tell at least one other player of any lock-ins he has made when that lock was submitted. Last season, those picks were mostly announced on Twitter for full transparency. For this upcoming season, all lock-ins will be announced on Twitter.

In the past, players have had issues submitting picks or simply lost track of time and were not able to submit a pick in before midnight. If someone finds themselves in a situation like that, please contact us ASAP with the pick you would have submitted. In most cases, players were given that pick as a courtesy. Whether or not the pick will be honored depends on a number of factors including time of when contact to us was made (if it was noon the next day, that will be too late, but 12:15am would likely be okay), the weather early that day (if a lake band setup camp just after midnight at Syracuse and dumped 6" by 6am, then it's unlikely that pick would be honored) and if someone has already had a courtesy pick given to them already that season.

If any unforeseen scenarios arise that were not covered above, the league commissioner reserves the right to make an executive decision that will be final. Addendum to the rules will occur soon after on how to handle those cases if they occur again.