Brainerd Removed From Available Locations

By Commissioner in Announcements | 01/01/2019(14 hours ago)

We have decided to remove Brainerd from the list of locations picks can be from because it was recently discovered their daily snow measurements are from 7am to 7am and not midnight to midnight like all the others.

For December 31st, the posted snow total is 0.3", but if you look at observations from the day, it doesn't seem right. They had a total of 4.0" on the 29th, but it didn't start to snow until about 11pm. Again, based on observations, it's obvious 4" didn't fall in an hour. With that said, we gave the two users who picked Brainerd on the 31st the benefit of the doubt and added the two day totals together to arrive 4.3" for the score.

At the time of this writing, we're still missing the snow total from December 27th. We'll get that snow total ironed out and posted in the next day or so.