AtmosFeerick24 Wins the 2017-2018 Fantasy Blizzard Season

By Commissioner in Announcements | 03/21/2018

The 2017-2018 Fantasy Blizzard season came to an end on March 15th with rookie AtmosFeerick24 winning the title with a 172.26 average, a record high in the modern Fantasy Blizzard era. He outlasted a late season comeback by defending champion The Allegheny Blade, who couldn't makeup the difference after an amazing Worcester pick on 3/13 that netted AtmosFeerick24 338.10 points.

Thousands braved the cold and inclement weather to line the streets of Philadelphia to celebrate AtmosFeerick24's championship win. "We've been here since 2am to secure a front row view on the fences" die-hard fan Anna Mometer told reporters.

It wasn't until the final stretch of the season when AtmosFeerick24 made his career debut into the prestigious Top 5 standings as he kept just below the pace to 30 to remain off the top of the standings, playing the game the right way. It's a common mistake that new players and season veterans alike make playing too aggressively polluting their average with low scoring picks, but AtmosFeerick24 kept his play conservative only chasing high scoring potential situations.

If winning the season with the highest average wasn't enough, AtmosFeerick24 also claimed title to two more records earlier in the season. He now holds the record for the highest picked raw location score courtesy of Erie, PA on 12/25/2017 with 34.0" of snow, 33 HDD, and a wind gust of 44 mph for 427 points. The old record belonged to Golffreak558 who selected Worcester, MA on 1/27/2015 that had a line score of 31.9" of snow, 51 HDD, and a 55 mph wind gust for 425 points. The other record was the highest total day score of 469.7 points, which he also grabbed on 12/25/2017 after factoring in a 2 day lock.

Beyond AtmosFeerick24, other notable mentions from the 2017-2018 season go to The Allegheny Blade who finished in 2nd place with an average of 169.68. Not far behind him was Fantasy Blizzard legend Golffreak558 finishing with an average of 168.30, who struggled in the final trimester of the season. 33 and Rain, in his sophomore season, came in 4th with 167.83 points and veteran TBone6728 rounded out the top 5 with 166.12 points.

Fantasy Blizzard will return for its 6th season next fall on a date that will be determined in an upcoming league vote by current players. If you're new to the game, please follow us on Twitter and check back here for the latest news on when registration for next season will open.