Fantasy Blizzard News

What You Need to Know For March Mammatus

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 02/19/2019

The upcoming March Mammatus tournament is just around the corner. Here is everything you need to know for the tournament. Read More

Brainerd Removed From Available Locations

By Commissioner in Announcements | 01/01/2019

Brainerd, MN has been removed from the list of available locations to pick from. Read More

Registration Now Open for 2018-2019 Season

By Commissioner in Announcements | 11/01/2018

Registration for the upcoming Fantasy Blizzard season is now open. New users can now register and returning users can login to reactivate their accounts. Read More

Regarding The Rejection of the December 2017 Erie Snowfall Record

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 08/22/2018

The NWS recently convened to discuss the 50.8" record snowfall that fell in Erie from 12/25 to 12/26. In the end, they ruled it was not valid. Read More

Final Changes For the 2018-2019 Fantasy Blizzard Season

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 05/15/2018

Specific details on recent changes for next season have been finalized. Read More

Proposed Rule Change Results For Next Season

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 05/07/2018

The results are in on a number of proposed changes to the game for next season! Read More

Voting For Proposed Rule Changes Has Ended

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 05/01/2018

The voting period for a handful of proposed rule changes for next season has ended. Results will be released in a few days. Read More

Voting On Proposed Rule Changes Now Underway

By Commissioner in Announcements | 04/02/2018

Starting today, players have the ability to give their feedback on a number of proposed changes that have been brought to the floor. Login now to view your ballot! Read More

Canadian Locations Not Being Considered This Year

By Commissioner in Miscellaneous | 03/27/2018

Many players have yearned for Canadian locations to be added to the game. It was being considered as a proposed rule change for this season, but was untimely rejected. Read More

Voting For Proposed Rule Changes Begins 4/2

By Commissioner in Announcements | 03/22/2018

A handful of proposed changes to the game have been submitted to us. All current players will have the chance to weigh in on them beginning April 2nd. Read More

AtmosFeerick24 Wins the 2017-2018 Fantasy Blizzard Season

By Commissioner in Announcements | 03/21/2018

Rookie AtmosFeerick24 has won the 2017-2018 Fantasy Blizzard season outlasting a late season comeback from defending champion, The Allegheny Blade. He also rewrote the record books in his quest for the title. Read More

We Have a News System!

By Commissioner in Announcements | 03/19/2018

We now have the ability to post news (and none of that fake news) on anything Fantasy Blizzard related. Read More