Live Score Estimates

Below are auto generated estimated scores of all of the locations that are available in our data feed. Wind and temperature are taken from METAR reports reports so those are fairly true. Snow, on the other hand, is estimated using a homegrown algorithm that takes into consideration a number of atmosphere conditions and METAR observations. Snow estimates are generally in the ball park, but can be significantly off occasionally.

This page will automatically refresh every few minutes. The scoring engine runs every 10 minutes during the season. To see only locations that have picks for today, check the "Show only for today" checkbox below.

Show only locations with picks Last Updated: 10/16/2019 05:59:17 UTC
Rapid City, SD (RAP)Not available/UnknownCalm26°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"41 mph26°F48°F2869
Sioux Falls, SD (FSD)Not available/UnknownNNW 12 mph G2042°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"39 mph37°F46°F2463
Madison, WI (MSN)Not available/UnknownNW 16 mph G2742°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"39 mph42°F42°F2362
Oshkosh, WI (OSH)Light RainNW 17 mph G3337°F9.00 mi0.00"0.0"33 mph37°F37°F2861
Marquette, MI (MQT)Light RainNNE 19 mph G2842°F7.00 mi0.05"0.0"34 mph42°F42°F2357
Des Moines, IA (DSM)Not available/UnknownNW 12 mph G2544°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"36 mph44°F44°F2157
Indianapolis, IN (IND)Not available/UnknownNW 19 mph G3153°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"41 mph53°F53°F1253
Milwaukee, WI (MKE)Not available/UnknownWNW 21 mph G3146°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"34 mph46°F46°F1953
Marshfield, WI (MFI)Not available/UnknownNNW 19 mph G2639°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"26 mph39°F39°F2652
Clayton, NM (CAO)Not available/UnknownNE 6 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"41 mph44°F64°F1152
Wausau, WI (AUW)Not available/UnknownNNW 14 mph G2639°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"26 mph39°F39°F2652
Rockford, IL (RFD)Not available/UnknownWNW 14 mph G2544°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"29 mph44°F44°F2150
Chicago, IL (ORD)Not available/UnknownWNW 16 mph G2546°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"31 mph46°F46°F1950
Alpena, MI (APN)Light RainESE 14 mph G2750°F10.00 mi0.17"0.0"34 mph48°F50°F1650
Grand Rapids, MI (GRR)Not available/UnknownW 10 mph48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"34 mph48°F50°F1650
Lincoln, NE (LNK)Not available/UnknownN 17 mph G2646°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"31 mph46°F46°F1950
Mason City, IA (MCW)Not available/UnknownNW 17 mph G2642°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"26 mph42°F42°F2349
Colorado Springs, CO (COS)Not available/UnknownS 8 mph48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"33 mph39°F60°F1649
Rochester, MN (RST)Not available/UnknownNW 16 mph G2541°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"25 mph41°F41°F2449
Eau Claire, WI (EAU)Not available/UnknownNW 13 mph42°F10.00 mi0.16"0.0"28 mph42°F46°F2149
La Crosse, WI (LSE)Not available/UnknownNNW 16 mph G2946°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"29 mph46°F46°F1948
Muskegon, MI (MKG)Not available/UnknownW 14 mph G2448°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"32 mph48°F50°F1648
Green Bay, WI (GRB)RainNW 17 mph G2442°F0.00 mi0.09"0.0"24 mph42°F42°F2347
Goodland, KS (GLD)Not available/UnknownNNW 3 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"32 mph37°F62°F1547
Wisconsin Rapids, WI (ISW)Not available/UnknownNNW 13 mph G2341°F10.00 mi0.01"0.0"23 mph41°F41°F2447
Tyler, TX (TYR)Not available/UnknownN 6 mph71°F10.00 mi0.22"0.0"51 mph71°F71°F-645
Pueblo, CO (PUB)Not available/UnknownNNW 3 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"33 mph42°F64°F1245
Fort Wayne, IN (FWA)Light RainWNW 12 mph G2150°F6.00 mi0.01"0.0"32 mph50°F55°F1345
Williston, ND (ISN)Not available/UnknownSSE 9 mph30°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph30°F30°F3544
Denver, CO (DEN)Not available/UnknownSE 9 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"23 mph32°F57°F2144
Valentine, NE (VTN)Not available/UnknownW 5 mph26°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph26°F26°F3944
South Bend, IN (SBN)Not available/UnknownWNW 19 mph G2950°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"29 mph50°F51°F1544
St. Louis, MO (STL)Not available/UnknownNW 12 mph G2450°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"29 mph50°F50°F1544
Sioux City, IA (SUX)Not available/UnknownNNW 14 mph G2142°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"21 mph42°F42°F2344
Lansing, MI (LAN)Not available/UnknownW 17 mph50°F8.00 mi0.19"0.0"29 mph50°F53°F1443
Glasgow, MT (GGW)Not available/UnknownESE 12 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"16 mph30°F46°F2743
Scottsbluff, NE (BFF)Not available/UnknownCalm39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"23 mph33°F59°F1942
Watertown, SD (ATY)Not available/UnknownNNW 13 mph37°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"13 mph37°F37°F2841
Iowa City, IA (IOW)Not available/UnknownWNW 12 mph G2044°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"20 mph44°F44°F2141
Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)Not available/UnknownENE 8 mph G1944°F4.00 mi0.06"0.0"19 mph44°F44°F2140
Waterloo, IA (ALO)Not available/UnknownNW 10 mph G1944°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"19 mph44°F44°F2140
Springfield, IL (SPI)Not available/UnknownWNW 13 mph G2146°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"21 mph46°F46°F1940
North Platte, NE (LBF)Not available/UnknownCalm26°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph26°F26°F3939
Burlington, IA (BRL)Not available/UnknownNW 9 mph G1844°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"18 mph44°F44°F2139
Grand Forks, ND (GFK)Not available/UnknownNW 10 mph37°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph37°F37°F2838
Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)Not available/UnknownCalm44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"19 mph28°F66°F1837
Kalispell, MT (GPI)Not available/UnknownCalm39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph21°F53°F2837
Evansville, IN (EVV)Not available/UnknownNNW 12 mph G2457°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"29 mph57°F57°F837
Sisseton, SD (8D3)Not available/UnknownNNW 11 mph39°F0.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph39°F39°F2637
Salisbury, MD (SBY)Not available/UnknownE 4 mph0°F8.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph32°F32°F3337
Rhinelander, WI (RHI)Not available/UnknownNNW 9 mph37°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph37°F37°F2837
Hastings, NE (HSI)Not available/UnknownNNW 9 mph37°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph37°F37°F2837
Mobridge, SD (MBG)Not available/UnknownCalm28°F8.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph28°F28°F3737
Aberdeen, SD (ABR)Not available/UnknownNNW 10 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph39°F39°F2636
Cedar Rapids, IA (CID)Not available/UnknownNW 13 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"13 mph42°F42°F2336
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (DFW)Not available/UnknownNNE 20 mph G2866°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"37 mph66°F66°F-136
Great Falls, MT (GTF)Not available/UnknownSSW 14 mph51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"14 mph28°F57°F2236
Grand Island, NE (GRI)Not available/UnknownWNW 6 mph35°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph35°F35°F3036
St. Cloud, MN (STC)Not available/UnknownNW 12 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"12 mph42°F42°F2335
Fargo, ND (FAR)Not available/UnknownNW 8 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph39°F39°F2634
Caribou, ME (CAR)Not available/UnknownSW 5 mph35°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph35°F37°F2934
Dubuque, IA (DBQ)Not available/UnknownNW 13 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"13 mph44°F44°F2134
Midland, TX (MAF)Not available/UnknownNE 18 mph G2662°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"31 mph62°F62°F334
Mitchell, SD (MHE)Not available/UnknownNW 11 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph42°F42°F2334
Huron, SD (HON)Not available/UnknownNNW 8 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph39°F39°F2634
Cheyenne, WY (CYS)Not available/UnknownS 4 mph41°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph30°F55°F2334
Springfield, MO (SGF)Not available/UnknownNNW 13 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"13 mph44°F44°F2134
Omaha, NE (OMA)Not available/UnknownNW 12 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"12 mph44°F44°F2133
Casper, WY (CPR)Not available/UnknownE 6 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph21°F55°F2733
Riverton, WY (RIW)Not available/UnknownCalm42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph28°F55°F2433
Moline, IL (MLI)Not available/UnknownWNW 14 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"14 mph46°F46°F1933
Minneapolis, MN (MSP)Not available/UnknownNW 10 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph42°F42°F2333
Havre, MT (HVR)Not available/UnknownE 5 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph32°F51°F2433
Davenport, IA (DVN)Not available/UnknownWNW 12 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"12 mph44°F44°F2133
Concord, NH (CON)Not available/UnknownCalm32°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph32°F35°F3232
Dodge City, KS (DDC)Not available/UnknownNNE 6 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph39°F39°F2632
Lander, WY (LND)Not available/UnknownCalm44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph30°F57°F2232
Winnemucca, NV (WMC)Not available/UnknownCalm51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"18 mph26°F75°F1432
Billings, MT (BIL)Not available/UnknownS 5 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph30°F53°F2332
Paducah, KY (PAH)Not available/UnknownN 13 mph G2362°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"29 mph62°F62°F332
Brainerd, MN (BRD)Not available/UnknownNW 11 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph44°F44°F2132
Bluefield, WV (BLF)Not available/UnknownS 9 mph G2057°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"23 mph57°F57°F831
Norfolk, NE (OFK)Not available/UnknownN 8 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph42°F42°F2331
Reno, NV (RNO)Not available/UnknownN 3 mph66°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"23 mph35°F78°F831
International Falls, MN (INL)Not available/UnknownNW 5 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph39°F39°F2631
Columbia, MO (COU)Not available/UnknownNW 12 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"12 mph46°F46°F1931
Helena, MT (HLN)Not available/UnknownWSW 5 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph28°F57°F2331
Concordia, KS (CNK)Not available/UnknownNW 8 mph42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph42°F42°F2331
Erie, PA (ERI)Not available/UnknownS 16 mph59°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"25 mph59°F59°F631
Spokane, WA (GEG)Not available/UnknownS 5 mph51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph35°F55°F2030
Jackson, TN (MKL)RainWSW 8 mph64°F4.00 mi0.00"0.0"29 mph64°F64°F130
Missoula, MT (MSO)Not available/UnknownCalm44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph26°F53°F2530
Pendleton, OR (PDT)Not available/UnknownNE 5 mph53°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"12 mph33°F60°F1830
Alamosa, CO (ALS)Not available/UnknownW 3 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph21°F64°F2230
Bozeman, MT (BZN)Not available/UnknownSSE 6 mph41°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph24°F57°F2430
Binghamton, NY (BGM)Not available/UnknownSSE 10 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph44°F46°F2030
Bangor, ME (BGR)Not available/UnknownCalm35°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph35°F35°F3030
Syracuse, NY (SYR)Not available/UnknownENE 8 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph42°F44°F2230
Topeka, KS (TOP)Not available/UnknownWNW 8 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph44°F44°F2129
Pocatello, ID (PIH)Not available/UnknownS 4 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph26°F66°F1929
Kansas City, MO (MCI)Not available/UnknownNW 5 mph41°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph41°F41°F2429
Duluth, MN (DLH)Light RainNW 6 mph42°F2.50 mi0.01"0.0"6 mph42°F42°F2329
Bismarck, ND (BIS)Not available/UnknownCalm37°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph37°F37°F2828
Albany, NY (ALB)Not available/UnknownSSE 3 mph39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph39°F42°F2427
Wichita, KS (ICT)Not available/UnknownN 10 mph48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph48°F48°F1727
Elko, NV (EKO)Not available/UnknownN 3 mph51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph24°F71°F1727
Buffalo, NY (BUF)Not available/UnknownSSE 11 mph51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph50°F51°F1526
Pasco, WA (PSC)Not available/UnknownE 4 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph33°F60°F1826
Hartford, CT (BDL)Not available/UnknownCalm39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph39°F39°F2626
Portland, ME (PWM)Not available/UnknownCalm39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph39°F39°F2626
Peoria, IL (PIA)Not available/UnknownWNW 5 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph44°F44°F2126
Pierre, SD (PIR)Not available/UnknownCalm39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph39°F39°F2626
Walla Walla, WA (ALW)Not available/UnknownNE 3 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph39°F57°F1725
Manchester, NH (MHT)Not available/UnknownCalm39°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph39°F41°F2525
Yakima, WA (YKM)Not available/UnknownW 5 mph51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph33°F59°F1925
Dalhart, TX (DHT)Not available/UnknownNNE 5 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph46°F46°F1924
Williamsport, PA (IPT)Not available/UnknownN 4 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph44°F46°F2024
Lubbock, TX (LBB)Not available/UnknownNE 10 mph51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph51°F51°F1424
Guymon, OK (GUY)Not available/UnknownNW 3 mph44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph44°F44°F2124
Worcester, MA (ORH)Not available/UnknownSW 5 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph46°F46°F1924
Rochester, NY (ROC)Not available/UnknownSE 5 mph48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph48°F50°F1624
San Angelo, TX (SJT)Not available/UnknownNNE 21 mph G2768°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"27 mph68°F68°F-324
Amarillo, TX (AMA)Not available/UnknownE 5 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph46°F46°F1924
Tulsa, OK (TUL)Not available/UnknownN 8 mph50°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph50°F50°F1523
Medicine Lodge, KS (P28)Not available/UnknownCalm42°F0.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph42°F42°F2323
Providence, RI (PVD)Not available/UnknownCalm42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph42°F42°F2323
Houghton Lake, MI (HTL)Not available/UnknownSW 5 mph48°F6.00 mi0.01"0.0"5 mph46°F48°F1823
Saginaw, MI (MBS)RainW 9 mph51°F2.50 mi0.24"0.0"9 mph51°F51°F1423
Flint, MI (FNT)Light RainW 8 mph53°F8.00 mi0.25"0.0"13 mph53°F57°F1023
Lewiston, ID (LWS)Not available/UnknownSE 3 mph59°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph39°F66°F1223
Bridgeport, CT (BDR)Not available/UnknownS 9 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph48°F55°F1423
Burlington, VT (BTV)Not available/UnknownCalm42°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph42°F42°F2323
Cleveland, OH (CLE)Not available/UnknownS 10 mph G2164°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"21 mph64°F64°F122
Grand Junction, CO (GJT)Not available/UnknownSE 4 mph48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph35°F69°F1322
Lexington, KY (LEX)Thunderstorm RainWNW 12 mph G2366°F7.00 mi0.00"0.0"23 mph66°F66°F-122
Boston, MA (BOS)Not available/UnknownSSW 6 mph48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph48°F50°F1622
Oklahoma City, OK (OKC)Not available/UnknownNNE 11 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph55°F55°F1021
Seattle-Tacoma, WA (SEA)Not available/UnknownSSE 8 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph46°F60°F1221
Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)Not available/UnknownCalm55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph39°F71°F1021
Islip, NY (ISP)Not available/UnknownCalm44°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph44°F44°F2121
Elkins, WV (EKN)Not available/UnknownSSE 5 mph53°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph44°F53°F1621
Childress, TX (CDS)Not available/UnknownNNE 9 mph53°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph53°F53°F1221
Atlantic City, NJ (ACY)Not available/UnknownCalm48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph48°F48°F1720
Wichita Falls, TX (SPS)Not available/UnknownN 10 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph55°F55°F1020
Toledo, OH (TOL)Not available/UnknownWSW 9 mph G1862°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"18 mph62°F64°F220
Allentown, PA (ABE)Not available/UnknownNNW 4 mph46°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph46°F55°F1519
Boise, ID (BOI)Not available/UnknownE 4 mph57°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph39°F73°F919
Baltimore, MD (BWI)Not available/UnknownCalm48°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph48°F50°F1619
Dayton, OH (DAY)Light RainW 12 mph62°F10.00 mi0.14"0.0"18 mph62°F66°F119
Detroit, MI (DTW)Not available/UnknownSSW 16 mph62°F9.00 mi0.00"0.0"16 mph62°F62°F319
New York, NY (JFK)Not available/UnknownSSE 6 mph53°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph53°F53°F1218
Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)Not available/UnknownSSE 6 mph53°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph53°F53°F1218
Borger, TX (BGD)Not available/UnknownW 3 mph50°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph50°F50°F1518
Beckley, WV (BKW)Not available/UnknownSE 8 mph57°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph57°F57°F818
Philadelphia, PA (PHL)Not available/UnknownSE 5 mph53°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph53°F53°F1217
Harrisburg, PA (MDT)Not available/UnknownE 4 mph51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph51°F53°F1317
Medford, OR (MFR)Not available/UnknownWSW 3 mph60°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph37°F69°F1216
Youngstown, OH (YNG)Not available/UnknownSSE 8 mph57°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph57°F57°F816
Abilene, TX (ABI)Not available/UnknownN 13 mph62°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"13 mph62°F62°F316
Charlotte, NC (CLT)Light RainCalm59°F3.00 mi0.10"0.0"10 mph59°F60°F616
Akron, OH (CAK)Not available/UnknownS 9 mph59°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph59°F59°F616
Richmond, VA (RIC)Not available/UnknownSE 6 mph57°F6.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph55°F57°F915
Mansfield, OH (MFD)Not available/UnknownS 11 mph62°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph60°F62°F415
Washington, DC (IAD)Not available/UnknownCalm55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph48°F55°F1414
Wilmington, DE (ILG)Not available/UnknownESE 3 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph55°F55°F1014
Bristol, TN (TRI)Light RainNNW 4 mph55°F3.00 mi0.25"0.0"5 mph55°F57°F914
Avoca, PA (AVP)Not available/UnknownCalm51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph51°F51°F1414
Newark, NJ (EWR)Not available/UnknownS 3 mph55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph53°F55°F1114
Cincinnati, OH (CVG)RainS 11 mph62°F4.00 mi0.12"0.0"11 mph62°F62°F314
Danville, VA (DAN)Not available/UnknownCalm51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph51°F51°F1414
Wallops Island, VA (WAL)Not available/UnknownSSE 9 mph62°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph60°F62°F413
New York (Central Park), NY (NYC)Not available/UnknownN 4 mph57°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph55°F57°F913
Albuquerque, NM (ABQ)Not available/UnknownESE 6 mph57°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph50°F75°F313
Lynchburg, VA (LYH)Not available/UnknownCalm51°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph51°F53°F1313
New York, NY (LGA)Not available/UnknownSE 4 mph57°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph57°F57°F813
Knoxville, TN (TYS)Heavy RainSW 10 mph60°F1.50 mi0.08"0.0"10 mph60°F66°F212
Columbus, OH (CMH)Not available/UnknownS 11 mph64°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"11 mph64°F64°F112
Madera, CA (MAE)Not available/UnknownNW 3 mph64°F9.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph32°F84°F712
Roanoke, VA (ROA)Not available/UnknownCalm55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph53°F55°F1111
Roswell, NM (ROW)Not available/UnknownNE 12 mph64°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"14 mph53°F82°F-311
Merced, CA (MCE)Not available/UnknownNW 4 mph64°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph44°F82°F210
Bowling Green, KY (BWG)RainWSW 11 mph66°F5.00 mi0.10"0.0"11 mph66°F66°F-110
Charleston, WV (CRW)Not available/UnknownCalm55°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph55°F55°F1010
Washington, DC (DCA)Not available/UnknownSE 4 mph59°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph59°F59°F610
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP)Light RainE 3 mph60°F5.00 mi0.10"0.0"5 mph60°F60°F510
Louisville, KY (SDF)Not available/UnknownS 8 mph64°F10.00 mi0.30"0.0"9 mph64°F64°F110
Little Rock, AR (LIT)Not available/UnknownNNW 4 mph68°F10.00 mi0.37"0.0"8 mph60°F69°F19
Hanford, CA (HJO)Not available/UnknownWNW 3 mph62°F9.00 mi0.00"0.0"5 mph42°F82°F38
Columbia, SC (CAE)Light RainN 5 mph62°F6.00 mi0.01"0.0"5 mph62°F62°F38
Greensboro, NC (GSO)Not available/UnknownS 4 mph60°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"4 mph60°F62°F48
Brunswick, GA (SSI)Light RainSSW 11 mph G1975°F7.00 mi0.10"0.0"19 mph75°F78°F-127
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Light RainE 6 mph64°F0.50 mi0.01"0.0"6 mph64°F64°F17
Bakersfield, CA (BFL)Not available/UnknownNE 6 mph69°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph53°F82°F-37
Huntington, WV (HTS)Not available/UnknownN 3 mph60°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph60°F62°F47
Huntsville, AL (HSV)Not available/UnknownSE 3 mph66°F10.00 mi0.03"0.0"9 mph62°F73°F-27
Memphis, TN (MEM)Light DrizzleWSW 9 mph68°F6.00 mi0.00"0.0"9 mph68°F68°F-36
Waco, TX (ACT)Not available/UnknownNNW 12 mph71°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"12 mph71°F71°F-66
Raleigh-Durham, NC (RDU)Not available/UnknownCalm60°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph59°F60°F66
De Queen, AR (DEQ)Not available/UnknownCalm69°F4.00 mi0.13"0.0"8 mph64°F71°F-35
Chattanooga, TN (CHA)Not available/UnknownCalm64°F10.00 mi0.05"0.0"3 mph64°F64°F14
Augusta, GA (AGS)Light RainNNW 5 mph66°F6.00 mi0.03"0.0"5 mph66°F66°F-14
Jackson, KY (JKL)Not available/UnknownCalm64°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph64°F64°F14
Nashville, TN (BNA)Not available/UnknownS 6 mph68°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph68°F68°F-33
Fresno, CA (FAT)Not available/UnknownWNW 3 mph73°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph53°F82°F-33
Las Vegas, NV (LAS)Not available/UnknownW 6 mph73°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"8 mph57°F84°F-53
Del Rio, TX (DRT)Heavy Thunderstorm RainW 10 mph73°F2.00 mi0.18"0.0"10 mph73°F73°F-82
Tupelo, MS (TUP)Not available/UnknownWSW 3 mph66°F6.00 mi0.00"0.0"3 mph66°F66°F-12
Texarkana, AR (TXK)Not available/UnknownN 6 mph69°F8.00 mi0.00"0.0"6 mph69°F69°F-42
Norfolk, VA (ORF)Not available/UnknownCalm64°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph64°F64°F11
Pensacola, FL (PNS)Heavy RainW 9 mph73°F1.50 mi0.27"0.0"9 mph73°F73°F-81
Birmingham, AL (BHM)Light RainSSW 4 mph68°F3.00 mi0.07"0.0"4 mph68°F68°F-31
Elizabeth City, NC (ECG)Not available/UnknownCalm64°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"0 mph64°F64°F11
El Paso, TX (ELP)Not available/UnknownNNE 6 mph71°F10.00 mi0.00"0.0"10 mph64°F84°F-91
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