Listed below are the divisional standings for the current Fantasy Blizzard season, broken into two sections; those pacing above the minimum requirement and those falling behind. Click on any column header to sort. To change sort direction, click a second time.

Current Pace to 30: 30 picks. Click Here for a calendar of how the pace to 30 increases with each day.

Professional Meteorologist

NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
Cyclonicvortex5727.1310.5185.25ROC (1)375.20 points at BUF on 12/26/202077.00 points at CAR on 1/16/2021
Sneauxman5438.2300.0181.27ROC (1)300.30 points at FLG on 1/25/202170.00 points at RNO on 1/28/2021
33 and Rain5552.7310.5179.62ROC (1)325.20 points at ALB on 12/17/202067.00 points at CAR on 2/19/2021
SassyWeatherman5332.9300.0177.76SYR (1)360.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202172.00 points at BGM on 2/16/2021
James Miller A-Team5474.5321.0172.08SYR (1)348.40 points at BUF on 12/26/202067.00 points at CAR on 2/19/2021
LukeSw5104.7300.0170.16323.40 points at FLG on 1/25/202177.00 points at CAR on 1/16/2021
Snarf5267.2321.0165.60CAR (1)331.80 points at BDR on 2/1/202163.00 points at RST on 1/15/2021
phellaini5794.2363.0163.95SYR (1)321.60 points at BUF on 12/26/202066.00 points at CAR on 12/13/2020
JRN7854972.9310.5160.92SYR (1)323.40 points at FLG on 1/25/202152.00 points at SBY on 2/11/2021
@ChrisHamptonWX4695.3300.0156.51321.60 points at BUF on 12/26/202069.00 points at MSP on 1/15/2021
Bob5154694.2300.0156.47ROC (1)360.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202173.00 points at MSP on 1/14/2021
4DaysAfterTomorrow4907.8321.0154.37SYR (1)287.30 points at NYC on 2/1/202166.00 points at CAR on 12/13/2020
Coach Wx4513.7310.5146.10268.80 points at ORH on 12/17/202065.00 points at MSO on 2/26/2021
MakeWinterGreatAgain4377300.0145.90299.00 points at EWR on 2/1/202163.00 points at BGR on 1/5/2021
Dewey Point4333.3300.0144.44300.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202179.00 points at GFK on 2/23/2021
GraupelGanger4329.9300.0144.33SYR (1)420.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202158.00 points at MDT on 2/11/2021
RossbyWave4329.3300.0144.31SYR (1)300.30 points at FLG on 1/25/202171.00 points at AVP on 2/18/2021
Double D Trofs4205.4300.0140.18SYR (1)346.50 points at FLG on 1/25/202153.00 points at BGR on 2/19/2021
AndrewsWxCenter4097.9300.0136.60240.50 points at CAR on 2/2/202162.00 points at MSN on 1/15/2021
philpa4482.6352.5130.57276.00 points at EWR on 2/1/202169.00 points at EKN on 12/14/2020
Ice Town Ice Clown3889.5342.0116.40185.00 points at CAR on 2/2/202169.00 points at MSP on 1/15/2021
Snowb1rd2887.5220.0131.25268.00 points at BUF on 12/26/202052.00 points at MSO on 12/7/2020
brojas2328.4170.0136.96300.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202160.00 points at GRI on 12/2/2020
Seabreezelou1038.5100.0103.85209.00 points at BOS on 12/17/202051.00 points at SBN on 12/20/2020
Mayor G's Snow Gauge945.670.0135.09184.80 points at MDT on 12/16/202076.00 points at MCW on 1/15/2021
BlizzardJon1068.360.0178.05207.60 points at ABE on 12/16/2020130.80 points at CON on 12/5/2020
+TSRA395.630.0131.87184.60 points at EWR on 12/17/202068.00 points at BGM on 12/7/2020
Broyles Bust14030.046.6749.00 points at BGR on 12/12/202042.00 points at LFK on 12/1/2020
The Allegheny Blade000.00.00

Meteorology Student

NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
WumboVirus5924.9321.0186.15390.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202188.00 points at ERI on 1/19/2021
Dairy Queen Blizzard5229.6321.0164.43ANJ (1)323.40 points at FLG on 1/25/202152.00 points at SBY on 2/11/2021
WeathermanSam5882.4373.5162.48321.60 points at BUF on 12/26/202070.00 points at SLC on 1/23/2021
DanTheMan3925.9373.5109.61300.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202154.00 points at BUF on 12/27/2020
jrs_express3245.6300.0108.19222.00 points at CAR on 2/2/202152.00 points at DFW on 1/10/2021
SweaterWeather202045660.076.00147.00 points at CAR on 12/6/202044.00 points at MSO on 12/9/2020
ecreightonwx654.540.0163.63271.70 points at BOS on 12/17/202089.00 points at BGR on 12/6/2020
wxpete303.120.0151.55204.10 points at BDL on 12/17/202099.00 points at ALB on 12/16/2020
Cristopher Cace21920.0109.50159.00 points at CLE on 12/1/202060.00 points at ICT on 12/2/2020

Weather Enthusiast

NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
Pandometer4993.5310.5161.58321.60 points at BUF on 12/26/202062.00 points at ERI on 12/2/2020
Niners-TX5809373.5160.50323.40 points at FLG on 1/25/202164.00 points at PIT on 2/18/2021
290 Flow5653.3363.0160.04ROC (1)348.40 points at BUF on 12/26/202061.00 points at CAR on 1/5/2021
CajunBlizzard5084.4352.5147.77348.40 points at BUF on 12/26/202060.00 points at BGR on 1/4/2021
Best in Snow4407.2300.0146.91ROC (1)348.40 points at BUF on 12/26/202052.00 points at INL on 12/10/2020
Bust City King4087.4300.0136.25SYR (1)346.50 points at FLG on 1/25/202162.00 points at OSH on 1/24/2021
WintryMix4529.7342.0135.23249.60 points at ORH on 12/17/202066.00 points at CAR on 12/13/2020
Central_Oh_Wx3996.9300.0133.23321.60 points at BUF on 12/26/202049.00 points at IAD on 2/10/2021
White Winter6383.45311.5131.94309.00 points at APN on 12/12/202050.00 points at AUW on 2/27/2021
BoldColdBlizzard9011.69030.0130.13CAR (1)323.40 points at FLG on 1/25/202149.00 points at LYH on 12/7/2020
DrakeWX3906.5310.5126.52273.00 points at LIT on 2/17/202156.00 points at CYS on 1/22/2021
OrionVOL15198.35512.5107.01203.00 points at DHT on 2/14/202144.00 points at BTV on 12/12/2020
Landon_Wx4290.1270.0158.89321.60 points at BUF on 12/26/202052.00 points at GSO on 1/8/2021
Ronald Martinez1977210.094.14196.00 points at ERI on 12/25/202045.00 points at GPI on 12/9/2020
LakeEffectJM1811.4140.0129.39247.20 points at APN on 12/12/202051.00 points at FNT on 12/4/2020
Frostyblizzard2.01259.780.0157.46206.00 points at APN on 12/12/202070.00 points at OSH on 12/30/2020
Snowstrodamus1222.980.0152.86268.00 points at BUF on 12/26/202073.00 points at BKW on 12/24/2020
SEMichigan_Wx1196.880.0149.60219.80 points at BDL on 12/17/202084.00 points at SUX on 12/30/2020
Denysk171250.370.0178.61360.00 points at ABE on 2/1/2021101.00 points at PIT on 1/31/2021
A Dry Heat943.560.0157.25242.20 points at ABE on 12/16/202074.00 points at BZN on 12/22/2020
Cerlin574.450.0114.88211.40 points at OKC on 2/14/202142.00 points at PSC on 1/11/2021
New England WX456.430.0152.13205.80 points at CAR on 12/6/2020109.00 points at CON on 12/5/2020
TeamPlayersBlue29030.096.67126.00 points at RNO on 1/27/202170.00 points at RNO on 1/28/2021
ThaineNederveld24130.080.33109.00 points at CON on 12/5/202062.00 points at BUF on 12/4/2020


NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
The NAM4309310.5139.50300.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202164.00 points at EAU on 1/14/2021
B Rey4499.2426.0113.12249.60 points at BDL on 2/1/202140.00 points at MSO on 12/21/2020
WanderingYankee2422.5140.0173.04323.40 points at FLG on 1/25/2021101.00 points at INL on 2/10/2021


NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
Bread, Milk, Eggs.4651.3300.0155.04ROC (1)300.30 points at FLG on 1/25/202156.00 points at 8D3 on 12/11/2020
wildblue4631.6300.0154.39360.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202171.00 points at DLH on 1/14/2021
The GFS3932300.0131.07300.00 points at ABE on 2/1/202162.00 points at DCA on 2/18/2021
Pacing Below 30 Requirement