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The March Mammatus tournament has ended. Congrats to this year's winner, phellaini! For detailed matchups and scores, click or tap on the round tab below. The bracket is best viewed on a desktop/laptop.

Round of 32March 1-5 Synoptic 16March 6-10 Adiabatic 8March 11-15 Frontogenetical 4March 16-20 Thermodynamic 2March 21-25 Frontogenetical 4March 16-20 Adiabatic 8March 11-15 Synoptic 16March 6-10 Round of 32March 1-5
1. Double D Trofs 1. MakeWinterGreatAgain
BoldColdBlizzard MakeWinterGreatAgain
8. BoldColdBlizzard 8. The GFS
BoldColdBlizzard Frostyblizzard2.0
4. GregariousGoat 4. Bob515
Dewey Point Frostyblizzard2.0
5. Dewey Point 5. Frostyblizzard2.0
WestDenver, CO WeathermanSam phellaini NorthGlasgow, MT
3. Niners-TX 3. Snerrecho
WintryMix Snerrecho
6. WintryMix 6. i want the snow
WeathermanSam phellaini
2. QGwumbo-8 2. phellaini
WeathermanSam phellaini
7. WeathermanSam AndrewsWeatherCenter 7. Sneauxman
1. 33 and Rain


1. Cyclonicvortex
The NAM phellaini LukeSw
8. The NAM 8. LukeSw
AndrewsWeatherCenter Dairy Queen Blizzard
4. AndrewsWeatherCenter 4. James Miller A-Team
AndrewsWeatherCenter Dairy Queen Blizzard
5. noland 5. Dairy Queen Blizzard
MidwestMarquette, MI AndrewsWeatherCenter JRN785 EastSyracuse, NY
3. Snarf 3. The Allegheny Blade
Snarf The Allegheny Blade
6. wildblue 6. GraupelGanger
  Snarf JRN785
2. Southern Slider! 2. JRN785
Southern Slider! JRN785
7. Ground Zero 7. Denysk17
Round of 32 Matchups and Scores
1. 33 and Rain132Lander, WY (LND)98Caribou, ME (CAR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)99.67
8. The NAM132Lander, WY (LND)69Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)114.67
The NAM wins 114.67 to 99.67
2. Southern Slider!102Casper, WY (CPR)98Caribou, ME (CAR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)103.00
7. Ground Zero58Pueblo, CO (PUB)82Grand Forks, ND (GFK)70.00
Southern Slider! wins by forfeit
1. MakeWinterGreatAgain132Lander, WY (LND)98Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)124.33
8. The GFS132Lander, WY (LND)69Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)114.67
MakeWinterGreatAgain wins 124.33 to 114.67
4. Bob51598Caribou, ME (CAR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)169Marquette, MI (MQT)112.00
5. Frostyblizzard2.0132Lander, WY (LND)98Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)124.33
Frostyblizzard2.0 wins 124.33 to 112.00
2. phellaini132Lander, WY (LND)98Caribou, ME (CAR)169Marquette, MI (MQT)133.00
7. Sneauxman102Casper, WY (CPR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)169Marquette, MI (MQT)113.33
phellaini wins 133.00 to 113.33
1. Cyclonicvortex102Casper, WY (CPR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)104.67
8. LukeSw132Lander, WY (LND)98Caribou, ME (CAR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)169Marquette, MI (MQT)117.00
LukeSw wins 117.00 to 104.67
4. James Miller A-Team132Lander, WY (LND)98Caribou, ME (CAR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)169Marquette, MI (MQT)117.00
5. Dairy Queen Blizzard132Lander, WY (LND)98Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)124.33
Dairy Queen Blizzard wins 124.33 to 117.00
3. The Allegheny Blade132Lander, WY (LND)69Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)114.67
6. GraupelGanger132Lander, WY (LND)69Caribou, ME (CAR)143Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)114.67
The Allegheny Blade wins 114.67 to 114.67
2. JRN785132Lander, WY (LND)69Caribou, ME (CAR)169Marquette, MI (MQT)123.33
7. Denysk1798Caribou, ME (CAR)69Caribou, ME (CAR)97Duluth, MN (DLH)88.00
JRN785 wins 123.33 to 88.00
Synoptic 16 Matchups and Scores
6. WintryMix60Kalispell, MT (GPI)86Caribou, ME (CAR)71Caribou, ME (CAR)72.33
7. WeathermanSam81Beckley, WV (BKW)86Caribou, ME (CAR)90Great Falls, MT (GTF)85.67
WeathermanSam wins 85.67 to 72.33
8. The NAM78Elkins, WV (EKN)86Caribou, ME (CAR)59Sisseton, SD (8D3)74.33
4. AndrewsWeatherCenter74Caribou, ME (CAR)86Caribou, ME (CAR)90Great Falls, MT (GTF)83.33
AndrewsWeatherCenter wins 83.33 to 74.33
3. Snarf74Caribou, ME (CAR)86Caribou, ME (CAR)90Great Falls, MT (GTF)83.33
2. Southern Slider!74Caribou, ME (CAR)86Caribou, ME (CAR)71Caribou, ME (CAR)77.00
Snarf wins 83.33 to 77.00
3. Snerrecho64Bozeman, MT (BZN)86Caribou, ME (CAR)71Caribou, ME (CAR)73.67
2. phellaini106Alpena, MI (APN)86Caribou, ME (CAR)71Caribou, ME (CAR)87.67
phellaini wins 87.67 to 73.67
8. LukeSw88Marquette, MI (MQT)74Caribou, ME (CAR)86Caribou, ME (CAR)82.67
5. Dairy Queen Blizzard78Elkins, WV (EKN)85Grand Forks, ND (GFK)86Caribou, ME (CAR)90Great Falls, MT (GTF)84.75
Dairy Queen Blizzard wins 84.75 to 82.67
3. The Allegheny Blade71Caribou, ME (CAR)71.00
2. JRN78581Beckley, WV (BKW)22Del Rio, TX (DRT)20San Angelo, TX (SJT)41.00
JRN785 wins by forfeit
Adiabatic 8 Matchups and Scores
8. BoldColdBlizzard114Great Falls, MT (GTF)107Casper, WY (CPR)117Great Falls, MT (GTF)172Havre, MT (HVR)91Billings, MT (BIL)120.20
7. WeathermanSam119Caribou, ME (CAR)172Havre, MT (HVR)73Caribou, ME (CAR)121.33
WeathermanSam wins 121.33 to 120.20
4. AndrewsWeatherCenter117Great Falls, MT (GTF)172Havre, MT (HVR)82Grand Forks, ND (GFK)123.67
3. Snarf117Great Falls, MT (GTF)106Glasgow, MT (GGW)82Grand Forks, ND (GFK)101.67
AndrewsWeatherCenter wins 123.67 to 101.67
5. Frostyblizzard2.0119Caribou, ME (CAR)172Havre, MT (HVR)79Great Falls, MT (GTF)123.33
2. phellaini117Great Falls, MT (GTF)174Great Falls, MT (GTF)82Grand Forks, ND (GFK)124.33
phellaini wins 124.33 to 123.33
5. Dairy Queen Blizzard117Great Falls, MT (GTF)101Kalispell, MT (GPI)74Reno, NV (RNO)97.33
2. JRN785117Great Falls, MT (GTF)174Great Falls, MT (GTF)79Great Falls, MT (GTF)123.33
JRN785 wins 123.33 to 97.33
Frontogenetical 4 Matchups and Scores
7. WeathermanSam83Caribou, ME (CAR)137Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)142Denver, CO (DEN)120.67
4. AndrewsWeatherCenter137Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)96Cheyenne, WY (CYS)149Marquette, MI (MQT)127.33
AndrewsWeatherCenter wins 127.33 to 120.67
2. phellaini137Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)96Cheyenne, WY (CYS)149Marquette, MI (MQT)127.33
2. JRN78583Caribou, ME (CAR)137Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)142Denver, CO (DEN)120.67
phellaini wins 127.33 to 120.67
Thermodynamic 2 Matchup and Scores
4. AndrewsWeatherCenter112Concord, NH (CON)89Bangor, ME (BGR)53Marquette, MI (MQT)84.67
2. phellaini112Concord, NH (CON)89Bangor, ME (BGR)53Marquette, MI (MQT)84.67
phellaini wins 84.67 to 84.67

Fantasy Blizzard is a FREE and fun winter weather forecasting game aimed at predicting the three main components of heavy winter weather; snow, wind, and cold. Whether you're a professional meteorologist or just someone who likes weather and the thrill of competition, this game is for you.

The regular season runs from December 1st to February 29th, with a March Mammatus tournment taking place beginning March 1st for the top 32 seeded players. For more information on the game and its rules, please check out About & Rules

Final 2019-2020 Regular Season (Top 10)

NameTotal PointsPicksAverage
Double D Trofs4898.1030163.27
33 and Rain4850.3030161.68
Southern Slider!4973.0031160.92

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Casper, WY (CPR)0.0"51051
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