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Fantasy Blizzard is a FREE and fun winter weather forecasting game aimed at predicting the three main components of heavy winter weather; snow, wind, and cold. Whether you're a professional meteorologist or just someone who likes weather and the thrill of competition, this game is for you.

The regular season runs from December 1st to February 28th, with a March Mammatus tournment taking place beginning March 1st for the top 32 seeded players. For more information on the game and its rules, please check out About & Rules

2020-2021 Regular Season (Top 10)

NameTotal PointsPicksAverage
290 Flow3730.7022169.58

Today's Picks Map (13)

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Today's Scoreboard (13)

Last Updated: 1/28/2021 14:03:14 UTC
NameLocationCurrent WeatherDays OutLive Score
BoldColdBlizzardBeckley, WV (BKW)Light Snow• 19°F• NW 10 mph G21384.00
philpaRaleigh-Durham, NC (RDU)Overcast• 32°F• N 4 mph162.00
SneauxmanReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph550.00
Coach WxReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph450.00
OrionVOL1Reno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph350.00
CajunBlizzardReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph350.00
TeamPlayersBlueReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph350.00
White WinterReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph350.00
Ice Town Ice ClownReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph250.00
WintryMixReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph250.00
JRN785Reno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph250.00
Dairy Queen BlizzardReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph250.00
The GFSReno, NV (RNO)Light Rain• 35°F• S 18 mph150.00
Live scores are estimated, with days out bonus included. To view live score details, click on the score.

Yesterday's Official Scores

NameLocationSnowWindHDDDays OutRaw ScoreTotal Score
White WinterReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30295157.50
33 and RainReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30294147.00
CyclonicvortexReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30294147.00
SneauxmanReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30294147.00
BoldColdBlizzardReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30293136.50
CajunBlizzardReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30293136.50
Coach WxReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30293136.50
Double D TrofsReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30293136.50
RossbyWaveReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30292126.00
SassyWeathermanReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30292126.00
TeamPlayersBlueReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30292126.00
WumboVirusReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30292126.00
4DaysAfterTomorrowReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
Best in SnowReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
Bust City KingReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
Dairy Queen BlizzardReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
Dewey PointReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
DrakeWXReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
Ice Town Ice ClownReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
JRN785Reno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
LukeSwReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
Niners-TXReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
PandometerReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
phellainiReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
philpaReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
SnarfReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
The GFSReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
The NAMReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
WintryMixReno, NV (RNO)4.6"30291105.00
B ReyBoise, ID (BOI)0.0"0020.00
OrionVOL1Boise, ID (BOI)0.0"0020.00
If a score is showing as 0 by mid morning, it's likely one or more score components is still missing.

Yesterday's Top 10 Locations

LocationSnowWindHDDRaw Score
Bluefield, WV (BLF)8.0"2328131
Casper, WY (CPR)0.0"6844112
Reno, NV (RNO)4.6"3029105
Springfield, IL (SPI)3.2"214598
Lexington, KY (LEX)3.5"283497
Goodland, KS (GLD)0.0"335891
Beckley, WV (BKW)3.8"213089
Pocatello, ID (PIH)0.0"533689
Pierre, SD (PIR)0.0"394887
Louisville, KY (SDF)2.8"273287