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The first ever March Mammatus tournament has ended. Congrats to wumbo_eightbelow for winning this year's tournament! For detailed matchups and scores, click or tap on the round tab below. The bracket is best viewed on a desktop/laptop.

Round of 32March 1-5 Synoptic 16March 6-10 Adiabatic 8March 11-15 Frontogenetical 4March 16-20 Thermodynamic 2March 21-25 Frontogenetical 4March 16-20 Adiabatic 8March 11-15 Synoptic 16March 6-10 Round of 32March 1-5
1. The Allegheny Blade 1. ForGuidanceOnly
The Allegheny Blade ForGuidanceOnly
8. JRN785 8. noland
i want the snow ForGuidanceOnly
4. Niners-TX 4. James Miller A-Team
i want the snow James Miller A-Team
5. i want the snow 5. Snowstrodamus
WestFlagstaff, AZ i want the snow phellaini NorthHavre, MT
3. Dewey Point 3. phellaini
Dewey Point phellaini
6. Snow is the Go 6. Bread, milk, eggs.
Snarf phellaini
2. Snarf 2. Sneauxman
Snarf Sneauxman
7. The NAM i want the snow 7. Seabreezelou
1. 33 and Rain


1. Voodoo
Connecticut Weather wumbo_eightbelow Voodoo
8. Connecticut Weather 8. SnowInArizona
290 Flow Bob515
4. Coach Wx 4. @ChrisHamptonWX
290 Flow Bob515
5. 290 Flow 5. Bob515
MidwestDuluth, MN Double D Trofs wumbo_eightbelow EastBangor, ME
3. GraupelGanger 3. wumbo_eightbelow
GraupelGanger wumbo_eightbelow
6. wildblue 6. AndrewsWxCenter
  Double D Trofs wumbo_eightbelow
2. Double D Trofs 2. Sassy Weatherman
Double D Trofs The GFS
7. WanderingYankee 7. The GFS
Round of 32 Matchups and Scores
1. The Allegheny Blade112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)143Concordia, KS (CNK)149Worcester, MA (ORH)134.67
8. JRN785112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)143Concordia, KS (CNK)149Worcester, MA (ORH)105Muskegon, MI (MKG)127.25
The Allegheny Blade wins 134.67 to 127.25
4. Niners-TX112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)85Williamsport, PA (IPT)162Boston, MA (BOS)105Muskegon, MI (MKG)116.00
5. i want the snow114Kalispell, MT (GPI)112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)143Concordia, KS (CNK)162Boston, MA (BOS)132.75
i want the snow wins 132.75 to 116.00
2. Snarf114Kalispell, MT (GPI)119Rapid City, SD (RAP)113Harrisburg, PA (MDT)116Bangor, ME (BGR)115.50
7. The NAM119Rapid City, SD (RAP)63Winnemucca, NV (WMC)99Caribou, ME (CAR)93.67
Snarf wins 115.50 to 93.67
1. 33 and Rain112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)105Allentown, PA (ABE)116Bangor, ME (BGR)105Muskegon, MI (MKG)109.50
8. Connecticut Weather96Providence, RI (PVD)143Concordia, KS (CNK)149Worcester, MA (ORH)129.33
Connecticut Weather wins 129.33 to 109.50
4. Coach Wx122Mitchell, SD (MHE)105Allentown, PA (ABE)162Boston, MA (BOS)105Muskegon, MI (MKG)123.50
5. 290 Flow119Rapid City, SD (RAP)128Topeka, KS (TOP)162Boston, MA (BOS)136.33
290 Flow wins 136.33 to 123.50
3. GraupelGanger112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)143Concordia, KS (CNK)149Worcester, MA (ORH)134.67
6. wildblue107Denver, CO (DEN)103Goodland, KS (GLD)115Providence, RI (PVD)108.33
GraupelGanger wins 134.67 to 108.33
1. ForGuidanceOnly112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)143Concordia, KS (CNK)149Worcester, MA (ORH)134.67
8. noland87Bozeman, MT (BZN)112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)69Elkins, WV (EKN)162Boston, MA (BOS)105Muskegon, MI (MKG)107.00
ForGuidanceOnly wins 134.67 to 107.00
4. James Miller A-Team112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)105Allentown, PA (ABE)162Boston, MA (BOS)126.33
5. Snowstrodamus128Topeka, KS (TOP)149Worcester, MA (ORH)79Syracuse, NY (SYR)118.67
James Miller A-Team wins 126.33 to 118.67
3. phellaini114Kalispell, MT (GPI)112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)143Concordia, KS (CNK)162Boston, MA (BOS)132.75
6. Bread, milk, eggs.103Goodland, KS (GLD)128Topeka, KS (TOP)162Boston, MA (BOS)131.00
phellaini wins 132.75 to 131.00
2. Sneauxman96Providence, RI (PVD)143Concordia, KS (CNK)162Boston, MA (BOS)133.67
7. Seabreezelou69Elkins, WV (EKN)116Bangor, ME (BGR)105Muskegon, MI (MKG)96.67
Sneauxman wins 133.67 to 96.67
1. Voodoo112Cheyenne, WY (CYS)105Allentown, PA (ABE)116Bangor, ME (BGR)111.00
8. SnowInArizona77Boston, MA (BOS)113Harrisburg, PA (MDT)115Providence, RI (PVD)101.67
Voodoo wins 111.00 to 101.67
3. wumbo_eightbelow103Goodland, KS (GLD)143Concordia, KS (CNK)149Worcester, MA (ORH)131.67
6. AndrewsWxCenter85Philadelphia, PA (PHL)105Allentown, PA (ABE)162Boston, MA (BOS)94Havre, MT (HVR)111.50
wumbo_eightbelow wins 131.67 to 111.50
2. Sassy Weatherman103Goodland, KS (GLD)116Bangor, ME (BGR)122Grand Rapids, MI (GRR)113.67
7. The GFS96Providence, RI (PVD)84Springfield, MO (SGF)162Boston, MA (BOS)114.00
The GFS wins 114.00 to 113.67
Synoptic 16 Matchups and Scores
1. The Allegheny Blade117Syracuse, NY (SYR)164Fargo, ND (FAR)109Marquette, MI (MQT)130.00
5. i want the snow117Syracuse, NY (SYR)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)138.00
i want the snow wins 138.00 to 130.00
3. Dewey Point56Billings, MT (BIL)164Fargo, ND (FAR)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)115.33
2. Snarf117Syracuse, NY (SYR)94Valentine, NE (VTN)164Fargo, ND (FAR)125.00
Snarf wins 125.00 to 115.33
8. Connecticut Weather117Syracuse, NY (SYR)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)109Marquette, MI (MQT)132.33
5. 290 Flow117Syracuse, NY (SYR)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)112Duluth, MN (DLH)133.33
290 Flow wins 133.33 to 132.33
3. GraupelGanger117Syracuse, NY (SYR)164Fargo, ND (FAR)109Marquette, MI (MQT)130.00
2. Double D Trofs117Syracuse, NY (SYR)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)138.00
Double D Trofs wins 138.00 to 130.00
1. ForGuidanceOnly117Syracuse, NY (SYR)89Syracuse, NY (SYR)164Fargo, ND (FAR)123.33
4. James Miller A-Team117Syracuse, NY (SYR)108Watertown, SD (ATY)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)117.00
ForGuidanceOnly wins 123.33 to 117.00
3. phellaini117Syracuse, NY (SYR)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)138.00
2. Sneauxman80Grand Island, NE (GRI)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)109Marquette, MI (MQT)120.00
phellaini wins 138.00 to 120.00
1. Voodoo94Valentine, NE (VTN)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)130.33
5. Bob515117Syracuse, NY (SYR)164Fargo, ND (FAR)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)135.67
Bob515 wins 135.67 to 130.33
3. wumbo_eightbelow117Syracuse, NY (SYR)171Sisseton, SD (8D3)109Marquette, MI (MQT)132.33
7. The GFS62Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)116St. Cloud, MN (STC)126Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)101.33
wumbo_eightbelow wins 132.33 to 101.33
Adiabatic 8 Matchups and Scores
5. i want the snow88Spokane, WA (GEG)240Cheyenne, WY (CYS)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)154.00
2. Snarf240Cheyenne, WY (CYS)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)72Sioux Falls, SD (FSD)148.67
i want the snow wins 154.00 to 148.67
5. 290 Flow240Cheyenne, WY (CYS)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)68Marquette, MI (MQT)147.33
2. Double D Trofs88Spokane, WA (GEG)240Cheyenne, WY (CYS)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)154.00
Double D Trofs wins 154.00 to 147.33
1. ForGuidanceOnly88Spokane, WA (GEG)142East Rapid City, SD (UNR)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)68Marquette, MI (MQT)108.00
3. phellaini88Spokane, WA (GEG)240Cheyenne, WY (CYS)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)154.00
phellaini wins 154.00 to 108.00
5. Bob515142Rapid City, SD (RAP)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)73Duluth, MN (DLH)116.33
3. wumbo_eightbelow142Rapid City, SD (RAP)134Grand Forks, ND (GFK)76Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)117.33
wumbo_eightbelow wins 117.33 to 116.33
Frontogenetical 4 Matchups and Scores
5. i want the snow86Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)76Caribou, ME (CAR)66Caribou, ME (CAR)76.00
2. Double D Trofs67Grand Forks, ND (GFK)54Grand Forks, ND (GFK)50Marquette, MI (MQT)57.00
i want the snow wins 76.00 to 57.00
3. phellaini80Syracuse, NY (SYR)76Caribou, ME (CAR)66Caribou, ME (CAR)74.00
3. wumbo_eightbelow80Syracuse, NY (SYR)74Caribou, ME (CAR)70Caribou, ME (CAR)74.67
wumbo_eightbelow wins 74.67 to 74.00
Thermodynamic 2 Matchup and Scores
5. i want the snow83Syracuse, NY (SYR)71Caribou, ME (CAR)80Caribou, ME (CAR)78.00
3. wumbo_eightbelow83Syracuse, NY (SYR)90Syracuse, NY (SYR)80Caribou, ME (CAR)84.33
wumbo_eightbelow wins 84.33 to 78.00

Fantasy Blizzard is a FREE and fun winter weather forecasting game aimed at predicting the three main components of heavy winter weather; snow, wind, and cold. Whether you're a professional meteorologist or just someone who likes weather and the thrill of competition, this game is for you.

The regular season runs from December 1st to February 28th, with a March Mammatus tournment taking place beginning March 1st for the top 32 seeded players. For more information on the game and its rules, please check out About & Rules

Registration will close by the end of January. It will be tough to make a run for the regular season champion at this point, but new players can still at least still qualify for the March Mammatus tournament beginning March 1st.

Final 2018-2019 Regular Season (Top 10)

NameTotal PointsPicksAverage
The Allegheny Blade6844.8032214.90
33 and Rain6523.8032204.87
Double D Trofs6038.9030201.30
Sassy Weatherman6192.2031200.25
Dewey Point5907.0031191.05

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LocationSnowWindHDDRaw Score
Bismarck, ND (BIS)0.0"392968
Rapid City, SD (RAP)0.0"451964
Glasgow, MT (GGW)0.0"372158
Havre, MT (HVR)0.0"312758
East Rapid City, SD (UNR)0.0"411556
Billings, MT (BIL)0.0"381755
Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)0.0"322355
Casper, WY (CPR)0.0"401555
Des Moines, IA (DSM)0.0"351853
Helena, MT (HLN)0.0"341953