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Fantasy Blizzard is a FREE and fun winter weather forecasting game aimed at predicting the three main components of heavy winter weather; snow, wind, and cold. Whether you're a professional meteorologist or just someone who likes weather and the thrill of competition, this game is for you.

The regular season runs from December 1st to February 29th, with a March Mammatus tournment taking place beginning March 1st for the top 32 seeded players. For more information on the game and its rules, please check out About & Rules

Registration for the upcoming season will continue until the end of January. It will be tough to make a run for the regular season champion at this point, but new players can still at least still qualify for the March Mammatus tournament beginning March 1st.

2019-2020 Regular Season (Top 10)

NameTotal PointsPicksAverage
Double D Trofs4319.9026166.15
James Miller A-Team4160.8028148.60

Today's Picks Map (31)

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Today's Scoreboard (31)

Last Updated: 2/18/2020 05:21:04 UTC
NameLocationCurrent WeatherDays OutLive Score
BoldColdBlizzardMarquette, MI (MQT)Light Snow• 5°F• NNW 14 mph G255160.50
SnarfWausau, WI (AUW)Light Snow• 28°F• ENE 3 mph379.00
Ground ZeroCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph571.00
MakeWinterGreatAgainCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph571.00
Frostyblizzard2.0Caribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph571.00
CyclonicvortexCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph471.00
The Allegheny BladeCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph471.00
James Miller A-TeamCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph471.00
Niners-TXCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph371.00
QGwumbo-8Caribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph371.00
Southern Slider!Caribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph371.00
AndrewsWeatherCenterCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
B ReyCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
WintryMixCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
phellainiCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
i want the snowCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
33 and RainCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
Denysk17Caribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
WeathermanSamCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
Bob515Caribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
JRN785Caribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph271.00
Dairy Queen BlizzardCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph171.00
LukeSwCaribou, ME (CAR)Fair• -2°F• SW 3 mph171.00
Gabe_Keller99Grand Forks, ND (GFK)Light Snow• 10°F• NNW 6 mph164.00
GregariousGoatSault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)Light Snow Fog/Mist• 24°F• ESE 8 mph458.00
Double D TrofsSault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)Light Snow Fog/Mist• 24°F• ESE 8 mph358.00
philpaSault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)Light Snow Fog/Mist• 24°F• ESE 8 mph158.00
wildblueSault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)Light Snow Fog/Mist• 24°F• ESE 8 mph158.00
GraupelGangerBangor, ME (BGR)Fair• 14°F• NW 5 mph356.00
SneauxmanBangor, ME (BGR)Fair• 14°F• NW 5 mph256.00
Whitee2021Williamsport, PA (IPT)Overcast• 33°F• Calm232.00
Live scores are estimated, with days out bonus included. To view live score details, click on the score.

Yesterday's Official Scores

If a score is showing as 0 by mid morning, it's likely one or more score components is still missing.

Yesterday's Top 10 Locations

LocationSnowWindHDDRaw Score
Bismarck, ND (BIS)2.7"234393
Sault Sainte Marie, MI (ANJ)1.2"354491
Marquette, MI (MQT)0.1"275987
Grand Forks, ND (GFK)0.0"206585
Fargo, ND (FAR)0.0"265884
International Falls, MN (INL)0.0"97382
Casper, WY (CPR)0.8"383581
Duluth, MN (DLH)0.0"225981
Buffalo, NY (BUF)0.1"423174
Watertown, SD (ATY)0.0"284674