Listed below are the divisional standings for the current Fantasy Blizzard season, broken into two sections; those pacing above the minimum requirement and those falling behind. Click on any column header to sort. To change sort direction, click a second time.

Current Pace to 30: 30 picks. Click Here for a calendar of how the pace to 30 increases with each day.

Professional Meteorologist

NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
AtmosFeerick245324.6310.5172.26469.70 points at ERI on 12/25/201773.70 points at LAN on 3/1/2018
The Allegheny Blade5701.05342.0169.68295.90 points at ORH on 1/4/201885.00 points at CYS on 3/15/2018
Golffreak5585504.5331.5168.30344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201793.00 points at ANJ on 1/31/2018
33 and Rain5338.45321.0167.83378.40 points at ERI on 12/26/201773.60 points at EAU on 12/21/2017
TBone67285134.25310.5166.12378.40 points at ERI on 12/26/201792.00 points at MQT on 12/12/2017
Hugh Midity5200.7321.0163.52344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201782.00 points at INL on 12/4/2017
Double D Trofs5011.85310.5162.17378.40 points at ERI on 12/26/201759.40 points at SLC on 3/3/2018
@ChrisHamptonWX5245.2331.5160.45427.00 points at ERI on 12/25/201763.00 points at BUF on 12/7/2017
Cyclonicvortex5242.3331.5160.36378.40 points at ERI on 12/26/201787.00 points at BFF on 1/21/2018
CDWX234929.25310.5159.51344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201762.10 points at SLC on 3/3/2018
Snarf5290.7342.0157.61344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201794.00 points at ERI on 1/1/2018
Sneauxman5295.8352.5153.81322.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201881.00 points at ACY on 12/9/2017
GraupelGanger5382.35363.0152.51322.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201876.80 points at IND on 2/6/2018
MakeWinterGreatAgain4983.05331.5152.50322.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201872.60 points at ALB on 12/22/2017
phellaini4978.35352.5144.74308.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201862.10 points at SLC on 3/3/2018
Coach Green4366.45310.5141.35246.40 points at BOS on 1/4/201862.10 points at SLC on 3/3/2018
philpa3586.3310.5116.19235.00 points at SYR on 3/2/201853.00 points at HLN on 3/15/2018
Voodoo3323.75260.0127.84246.40 points at BOS on 1/4/201846.20 points at MSO on 2/4/2018
SchultzNADO3784.85250.0151.39344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201754.00 points at SLC on 3/3/2018
Winter Storm Harambe3783.65230.0164.51344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201781.00 points at PVD on 12/9/2017
WxMonger2305.05190.0121.32240.90 points at PWM on 1/4/201862.50 points at CPR on 12/1/2017
Stafford_Snow2875.6180.0159.76344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201793.00 points at SBN on 12/31/2017
LLAP Bandit2482.35180.0137.91257.60 points at BOS on 1/4/201882.00 points at INL on 12/4/2017
+TSSN2265.85160.0141.62280.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201847.50 points at ROA on 3/11/2018
LuthiensTempest1567.15150.0104.48308.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201850.60 points at SLC on 1/10/2018
jdesilva2067.2140.0147.66246.40 points at BOS on 1/4/201853.90 points at BOS on 1/17/2018
Mrs. Blade2056.65130.0158.20228.85 points at SUX on 1/22/201892.00 points at ATY on 12/4/2017
GTPSUWX1378.35120.0114.86189.00 points at BGR on 12/25/201765.00 points at BZN on 12/28/2017
Doppla Bill1182120.098.50280.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201854.00 points at MSO on 12/28/2017
ChasezCloudz1477.3110.0134.30224.00 points at BOS on 1/4/201844.00 points at GPI on 1/9/2018
Anticyclone chaser910.2560.0151.71274.80 points at CON on 1/4/201890.20 points at INL on 12/4/2017
StormJr668.950.0133.78178.25 points at LBF on 1/21/2018101.20 points at STC on 1/11/2018
vortexmax655.6550.0131.13217.35 points at BGR on 12/25/201792.00 points at VTN on 12/21/2017
sNOwPE301.440.075.3592.40 points at MQT on 12/5/201745.00 points at OTX on 12/2/2017
DendriticGrowthZone223.420.0111.70136.40 points at ORH on 12/9/201787.00 points at MQT on 12/8/2017
Mohawks20720.0103.50127.00 points at ERI on 12/16/201780.00 points at MQT on 12/15/2017
27Blizzards55.210.055.2055.20 points at ORH on 12/1/201755.20 points at ORH on 12/1/2017
so_whats_happening5310.053.0053.00 points at BTV on 12/1/201753.00 points at BTV on 12/1/2017

Meteorology Student

NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
Sassy Weatherman4922.5331.5150.67246.40 points at BOS on 1/4/201890.00 points at ROC on 1/12/2018
AndrewsWxCenter6063.1426.0150.36378.40 points at ERI on 12/26/201762.10 points at MSN on 3/1/2018
Parker2228.9140.0159.21344.00 points at ERI on 12/26/201768.40 points at RHI on 12/21/2017

Weather Enthusiast

NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
Squally Syracusan4373.95310.5141.60246.40 points at BOS on 1/4/201869.30 points at BUF on 12/7/2017
Lake Erie Blizzards7500.856015.0140.01378.40 points at ERI on 12/26/201746.00 points at DLH on 12/2/2017
Niners-TX5320.85405.0138.02227.00 points at BOS on 3/13/201850.60 points at GPI on 1/9/2018
John Waller III3054.9342.091.85159.50 points at ERI on 1/4/201849.00 points at ISP on 2/12/2018
Snowstrodamus2973.55230.0129.28269.00 points at ORH on 1/4/201886.00 points at MKG on 2/4/2018
DonaldUS20162654190.0139.68259.00 points at OFK on 1/22/201858.00 points at EKN on 2/17/2018
Boston metro wx1016100.0101.60130.00 points at ERI on 12/7/201768.00 points at BGR on 12/10/2017
SPCFresno561783.460.0130.57269.00 points at ORH on 1/4/201866.00 points at RNO on 12/2/2017
weatherhippo650.4540.0162.61261.05 points at ACY on 1/4/2018111.60 points at BGR on 1/5/2018
WX2DX23440.058.5071.00 points at HTL on 12/5/201739.00 points at SEA on 12/2/2017
bandy403.630.0134.53246.40 points at BOS on 1/4/201878.00 points at WAL on 1/3/2018
weatherbyjake119.910.0119.90119.90 points at ROC on 12/12/2017119.90 points at ROC on 12/12/2017


NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
The NAM4233331.5129.77229.00 points at CON on 1/4/201846.00 points at GTF on 3/15/2018
B Rey1865.6160.0116.60350.00 points at BGR on 1/4/201850.00 points at ALW on 1/11/2018
platkat277.540.069.3893.75 points at DLH on 1/23/201858.75 points at SEA on 1/17/2018
SouthernVAwx48.410.048.4048.40 points at BOI on 12/1/201748.40 points at BOI on 12/1/2017


NameTotal ScoreEntries30+ BonusAverageToday's EntryHighest ScoreLowest Score
The GFS4750352.5138.21259.00 points at OFK on 1/22/201852.00 points at ORD on 2/14/2018
GFS 384hr2058.8230.089.51170.00 points at RHI on 1/22/201843.75 points at RNO on 1/28/2018
Pacing Below 30 Requirement